圣克鲁斯工程加速推进, 植根于全球赌博十大网站15年的传统, 在圣克鲁斯和蒙特利县倡导创业. 自2015年成立以来, 他们已经指导了5个群体的52家创业公司, 70%实现了流动性事件. Their success stems from a unique collaboration with local institutions and powerhouses like the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, 加州大学, 美人谷歌, 和Joby公司航空, 100+合作伙伴. The accelerator's zero-dilution policy stands out, ensuring startups retain ownership. 参与者将受益于由50多位导师和风投组成的庞大网络, coupled with over $1M in perks ranging from software discounts to local amenities. It's a hub for startups desiring a nurturing and resourceful 环境.


这不是网上十大娱乐网站排名的第一次发射. 全球赌博十大网站 has been the backbone of the tech community since 2007. 网上十大娱乐网站排名在2015年启动了第一个加速项目. 从那时起,有10家创业公司在4个队列中完成了网上十大娱乐网站排名的项目. 得到这个...7家初创公司有流动性事件! This stunning success is due to the trust and support provided by our local partners.

  • 建立了: 15 years of supporting entrepreneurship in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

  • 有经验的: 5 cohorts, with several startups successfully attaining liquidity events.

  • 界支持: Santa Cruz Accelerates is the only accelerator backed by the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, 圣克鲁斯县商业委员会, 加州大学, Cabrillo大学, 美人谷歌, Joby公司航空, + 100公司 & 组织

  • 零稀释“其他人”拿走了你公司6%的股份. 不要放弃你的公司.

  • 导师和风投: Get help and assistance from 50+ Mentors and VCs including Bill Richter Law, 帕特里克·赖利知识产权协会, 工作室Holladay, 中央海岸天使, 还有更多的导师和风投.

  • 津贴超过100万美元: Hubspot九折优惠, 6个月免费使用Zendesk, $10,000美元的AWS信用, 在你最喜欢的当地餐馆享受折扣, 联合办公的补贴, 还有更多.


We will announce the 6th cohort of the 圣克鲁斯工程加速推进 accelerator in early 2024. 请继续关注!


June 2023 - We are excited to announce our 5th cohort of the Santa Cruz Accelerates! 12家初创公司已被录取为第五届学员. This is a self-paced online program for seed stage startups to take their startups to the next level. We want to help you build better products for customers and get your startup ready for investors. 通过圣克鲁斯加速计划, 创始人将有机会接触到丰富的内容, 本地导师和资源, 以及100多万美元的额外津贴. If your startup is ready for takeoff, you’ll want to be a part of our program!

全球赌博十大网站与 创业空间, 启动科学, 创新在 为火箭提供到达轨道所需的燃料. 这是你的飞行计划.


当你被网上十大娱乐网站排名的加速器项目录取时, 您将获得访问一整套资源的权限. 以下是你需要知道的:

  • 系统检查请确保您符合参加该计划的要求. 请参阅下面的乘车票部分.

  • 倒计时: Every founder thinks their idea will turn into the BEST product in the world until they realize no one else actually wants it. Founders will go through Discovery to test and validate their ideas before wasting valuable time or money. 通过SCA,创始人可以访问 创新的内 online Lean Startup (market validation) platform which was developed in collaboration with Steve Blank and Lean Startup. All startups planning to apply for an NSF grant at any time in the future will be required to complete this course.

  • 点火: Follow the online course curriculum on 启动科学 and complete at least 80% of the courses by August 16 to be eligible for participating in the pitch competition. Startups will also be invited to weekly meetings to share progress updates, 问问题, 互相学习和交流, 练习他们的投球.

  • 启动: 采访客户, 与导师会面, 建立核心团队, 公司法律地位, IP, 最有价值球员, 完善你的演讲, 获得融资, 还有更多. 如果您已经完成了一些细分,如公司实体, blast on through to the segments which are of most value to you and your team.

  • 轨道: Startups that pass through countdown, ignition, launch stages are now ready for orbit! 向投资者推销,争取资金. 全球赌博十大网站 will invite the top 5 startups to participate in the in person pitch competition on Sept 13, 2023 where they will be evaluated by judges and compete for seed capital.

  • 起飞: 你准备好退出了 or 继续把你的创业公司发展成一个全球性的企业!


那么你需要开始做些什么呢? 如果你是一个拥有测试版或更好产品的科技企业家, 有一个团队, 至少有5个试点或客户在你的计划中, you are now in seed stage and ready to WOW angels and investors to take your rocket into orbit. 气候, 环境, 可持续性, 清洁技术是网上十大娱乐网站排名的主要目标产业, 然而, we are open to founders and startups with products and 解决方案 that will make the world a better place.

Once you are accepted, you will need to pay a fee of $250 to participate. 这笔费用有助于网上十大娱乐网站排名为您提供参加加速课程的机会, 加速器的平台, AND grants you a special SCW membership which will provide you with a unique discount code to attend our events. + you will have access to over $1M in benefits such as AWS credits, Zapier, Hubspot, etc. 第五期课程的申请已于2023年4月30日截止.


网上十大娱乐网站排名一直在寻找更多的导师加入网上十大娱乐网站排名的网络. Mentors guide startups on everything from pitching, legal issues, engineering, sales & 业务发展、估值和融资. Got some mad skills or a course or workshop that you would like to share with young startups? 网上十大娱乐网站排名需要你! Mentors are essential to our program for the valuable expertise and connections they offer. Mentoring is a rewarding experience and allows you to discover and connect with cutting edge startups, 解决方案, 和创新者. 有 没有最小/最大时间或职责义务. You get to meet with mentees according to your schedule, interests, preferences. Use the button below to sign up to be a mentor and guide these founders for takeoff!

  • 看看网上十大娱乐网站排名的过去 这里的成功发布.

  • Startups who have their ticket to ride (see above) have the minimum requirements to participate in the program. 从那里, 网上十大娱乐网站排名有一个评委小组来挑选创始人, 以及那些产品经过深思熟虑的初创公司, 已经证明了增长的进步, 谁的产品能让世界变得更美好.

  • We are based in Santa Cruz County but the course and resources can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Startups who have participated in the past typically are based in the Santa Cruz County and Central Coast region. 任何人都可以参加这个项目, 然而, 如果你打算参加竞标比赛, you or a representative must present your pitch to judges in person in Santa Cruz County.

  • 网上十大娱乐网站排名的2023年队列从4月5日开始,持续到8月2日. 创始人可以在4月5日至4月30日申请. 申请将于5月1日至5日进行审核. Founders will be notified the second week of May to let them know if they have been accepted into the program. 该项目将在6-10周内完成. All courses must be completed by July 12 to be eligible to compete in the pitch competition. The program concludes with a pitch competition which will take place on August 2nd.

  • 递交申请后, you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application. 申请将于5月1日至6日进行审核. 如果你被录取了, you will receive a welcome email with further information during the week of May 8th.

  • 网上十大娱乐网站排名这个项目的目标是让创业公司成为可投资的公司. 如果你的创业公司进展良好,准备好投资了, 然后网上十大娱乐网站排名希望将您与投资者联系起来.